Gulf States Have to Declare War on Diabetes

Wed, 20 Oct 2010
An Imperial College Professor and leading doctor, Dr Karim Meeran, has stated that Gulf governments need to declare war on diabetes by placing a fat tax on junk food to prevent consumers eating such food.

At a healthcare conference in Abu Dhabi, he said that it is about time governments intervened to encourage healthy eating habits, in the same way the ban on smoking has had a positive effect in the UK.

He continued to say that policies which encourage individuals to eat better, exercise more and lead an healthy lifestyle are needed to prevent a diabetes epidemic .

International Diabetes Federation figures highlight that diabetes is considered to affect 18.7 per cent of the UAE adult population.

This constitutes the second highest prevalence of diabetes worldwide, with 25 per cent of Emirati men and nearly 40 per cent of Emirati women being obese .

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