Authorities to Monitor Anti Diabetes Drug in Shanghai

Tue, 28 Sep 2010
Shanghai officials are going to closely monitor any adverse reactions to an anti-diabetes drug, due to concerns about the product with regard to heart disease .

America has restricted Avandia significantly and its sales are being suspended in Europe.

The responsibility to collect information about and report on any cases where there have been adverse reactions in Shanghai has been left, astonishingly, to the drug's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline.

Diabetics who are unable to control their diabetes and are unable to tolerate other drugs are permitted to take Avandia; the Amercian Food and Drug Administration restricts its use also to those who are already take the drug.

Just last Thursday, the European Medicines Agency, had recommended that a further two GlaxoSmithKline anti- diabetes drugs, Avaglim and Avandamet, containing the same ingredient, rosiglitazone, as well as Avandia ought to be suspended. Within the next few months these drugs will be unavailable in Europe.

Dr Jia Weiping, the Shanghai Diabetes Institute director, stated, "The moves had aroused the concern of the State Food and Drug Administration, which will meet today to discuss the drug's use and adverse reaction supervision across the country."

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