Intensive Treatment of Type Two Diabetics does not Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Mon, 01 Aug 2011
New treatment suggests that intensive glucose-lowering treatment for those with does not lower the likelihood of death related to and GPs ought to be careful when prescribing such a treatment .

Type 2 diabetics have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease .

treatment is used widely for such patients although prior research has not illustrated any set benefits.

A review was undertaken of 13 studies which included 34,533 diabetics; 18,315 had had intensive glucose-lowering treatment and 16,218 had had standard treatment.

The researchers found that Intensive treatment did not considerably lower cardiovascular death, however, it was related to a 15 percent lower risk of non-fatal heart attacks and a 10 percent lower risk of microalbuminuria, an indicator of and heart disease .

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