Metabolism is a Key Issue for Diabetes

Tue, 23 Aug 2011
American University researchers are considering how a common medicine can assist women to and keep at bay .

Women’s health professor Susan Davis is leading a study into how affects women's health. It is a long-established drug which could have a new purpose in enabling overweight women to reset their metabolism .

Being overweight can alter your metabolism, which can make even harder, with those who are being more susceptible to becoming diabetic .

It is possible to help those who are considerably overweight, yet have not developed high , to turn round their metabolism and enabled them to lose weight .

Metformin has been used for treatment of hormonal problems and diabetics, so there would appear to be no safety issues.

The researchers consider that this medication enhances healthy .

Prof Davis needs 120 non-diabetic women 35 to 65 with a body mass index 30 to 40, or a waist measurement of 88cm plus.

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