Importance of Diet and Exercise for Diabetics

Mon, 15 Aug 2011
The World Health Organisation has declared to be a worldwide epidemic.

There is an urgent need for people to eat healthy food and enough in order to keep at bay.

This applies to diabetics and non diabetics equally. Here are some and exercise tips for diabetics .

Exercise is plays a crucial part in , just as vital as or . Patients ought to exercise for a minimum of 30minutes daily for at minimum of 6 days a week.

Exercises, such as, swimming, aerobics, jogging and cycling are good for diabetics . Should you not be able to undertake such activities, a 30 minute walk is fine.

Diabetics who are taking can have hypos after vigorous exercise. In order to prevent occurring when exercising, those who take insulin ought to have a snack prior to exercising. It is also important to consult your GP prior to commencing any exercise schedule.

Diabetics ought to avoid fast foods, and sweets, juices, raw sugars or liquids containing refined sugars.

Diabetics can eat complex , such as like fruit, veg and cereals. It is fine for diabetics to consume up to 250gms of fruit a day as fruit contain complex carbohydrates.

Diabetics can eat whatever they like, however, in moderation.

Moreover, diabetics ought to have between 5 and 6 small, planned meals per day.

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