Obesity Surge is Increasing the Number of Diabetics

Fri, 26 Aug 2011
The UK is going to have 11 million plus extra obese adults in the next 20 years should current trends continue.This figure is forecast at 65 million for America.

The Oxford University research, published in the Lancet, suggests that the UK is going to have to deal with 668,000 more cases of diabetes, 461,000 further cases of and 130,000 extra cases of cancer

26 million people altogether are going to be classified as obese, leading to a surge in .

An average weight loss of one per cent could prevent around a quarter of these extra cases.

Cutting down one's calorific intake by 500 calories a day could help individuals lose a pound a week.

Even cutting down your dietary intake by 100 calories a day will give you a weight loss of ten pounds over a year.

People's metabolism makes crash futile, whereas, healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle make for long term change and improved health .

The British Heart Foundation stated that the government ought to do more to deal with obesity .

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