DVLA will be asked to change law for driving for people with diabetes

Wed, 30 Mar 2016
Changes to European driving laws will help stop people who have diabetes from losing their driving licence "unfairly" because of severe hypoglycemia at night.

Since 2011, drivers who have had very low blood glucose levels overnight more than once in a 12-month period are required to hand in their licence, as part of European laws.

This has led to the charity, Diabetes UK, campaigning for the laws to be changed, as well as diabetes and driving experts in Europe. The DVLA currently does not differentiate between hypoglycemia happening during the day and during the night, resulting in some diabetics losing their licence "unnecessarily".

The DVLA will therefore be asked by the European Commission to overturn its ban on diabetic drivers, by the start of 2018.

"The European Commission is absolutely right to ask the DVLA to overturn the ban on night-time hypos, and we are delighted this is happening having campaigned for five years now to get this ban lifted and put a stop to some people with diabetes losing their driving licence unfairly," said the chief executive of Diabetes UK, Chris Askew.

"Beyond the unfairness, losing their driving licence has caused people all sorts of unnecessary stress and anxiety, even in some cases leading to people losing their jobs."

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