Equipment You Need to Take Abroad

  • Double the amount of insulin you need.
  • Double pens or syringes, tablets or needles you need.
  • Should you be travelling with a companion, divide the amount of medication you have between both of your pieces of hand luggage.
  • Keep a cool bag for insulin storage.
  • Keep blood glucose monitoring equipment, together with sufficient supplies of lancets, strips, as well as a spare battery for the meter.
  • High altitude, humidity and heat are known to affect test strips and meters.
  • Be wary of false readings.
  • Carry Hypostop, dextrose tablets, Ketosix and Glucagen injections should they be appropriate.
  • A diabetes identity card or piece of jewellery that identifies you as a diabetic.
  • Carbohydrates in your hand luggage that cover any delays in travelling.
  • Diabetics are often not advised to order a special "Diabetic" meal for the flight as they frequently contain minimal carbohydrate. Alternatively, you ought to carry extra carbohydrates in terms of sandwiches, cereal bar, and fruit and so on.
  • A letter from a GP or Hospital Diabetes Team, with a relevant contact telephone number and address ought to be carried which confirms the need to carry syringes and needles.
  • A first aid box.
  • An up to date list of all current medication, i.e., copies of current repeat prescription requests.
  • List vaccinations taken for the trip.
  • You ought to find out what vaccinations you need for your destination. Sometimes these can induce sickness or flu-like symptoms; so it is best to get these symptoms out of the way 4-6 weeks before travelling.
equipment you need to take abroad
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